WSDG AcousticLabselects ADAM Audio T5V monitors for new 3D acoustic simulation facility

ADAM Audio T5V studio monitors at the WSDG AcousticLab in Basel, Switzerland (Photo by Dirk Noy, WSDG)

WSDG AcousticLab selects ADAM Audio T5V monitors for new 3D acoustic simulation facility

When the world-renowned acoustic modelling experts at WSDG were hunting for a compact but high-performance monitor for a new 3D sound space, they quickly settled on the ADAM Audio T5V. WSDG AcousticLab is a unique facility that uses next-generation technology to accurately reproduce the sound of any existing or planned room of any size or complexity. WSDG’s technicians deploy nine T5Vs and two Sub10 subwoofers to create a 3D sound field that can be augmented with VR goggles for a fully immersive experience.

WSDG AcousticLab: Designing perfect – and imperfect – acoustic spaces

Headquartered in New York and with European operations based in Basel, Switzerland, as well as Berlin, Germany, WSDG is one of the world’s leading acoustic design consultancies.To help fulfil its complex and demanding mission, its designers embarked on an ambitious project: find a way of make its designs audible. How will the meeting room, the train station, the ice rink sound to its users? How would the sonic perceptions change if wood or fabrics are incorporated into the design? What PA speaker configuration is ideal, given user and budget requirements? WSDG AcousticLab delivers the answers. It’s a precision-engineered and -calibrated space that shows how any planned space will sound in the real world. Stakeholders can compare different alternatives, giving designers subjective data when selecting, say, one PA system configuration over another for a planned sports hall.

ADAM Audio T5V studio monitors at the WSDG AcousticLab in Basel, Switzerland (Photo by Dirk Noy, WSDG)

The ADAM Audio T5V: Full-range sound in compact dimensions

In selecting a speaker for AcousticLab, the WSDG team exploited the compact dimensions yet exceedingly high fidelity of the T5V. Praised by press reviewers as “precise” and “crystal clear”, the T5V’s U-ART tweeter deliver a detailed depiction of the treble range. This combines with T5V’s compact 5” woofer and carefully designed bass ports produce a rich bass response reaching down to 45 Hz. The result was a sound stage accurate enough to satisfy the exacting demands of WSDG’s experts from a compact speaker that was easy to mount in a full 3D configuration.

The T5V uses built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers and equalization keep the overall sound picture smooth and accurate across the entire spectrum. This means that the T5V accurately represents both desirable and undesirable characteristics of the room envisaged by WSDG’s planners. How will the dimensions and materials affect speech intelligibility? How will music sound in this space? The T5V delivers detailed answers.

Virtual Acoustic Spaces

For a fully immersive and stunningly realistic experience, the AcousticLab “audience” can don a pair of VR goggles. When the subject moves their head to look around the planned room, the virtual acoustic soundfield remains locally stable and consistent – as would reality. This allows architects and building owners a unique level of awareness of how their space will sound.