Sound & Recordingreviews our new T5V Nearfield Monitor

The ADAM Audio T5V is reviewed by Sound & Recording

Anselm Goertz, writing for Sound & Recording, reviews our new T5V Nearfield Monitor and finds the following nice words:

  • “The spatial reproduction is differentiated, and remains commanding and pleasant for a listening distance of 2m.”
  • “The measured values are perfect, the distortions are extremely low, especially in the high-frequency range, and the dispersion characteristics are well suited to the typical applications of a nearfield monitor.
  • “The T5V shows no weaknesses, the result is very convincing.”
  • “If you take a completely unbiased approach, it’s particularly surprising that a pair of small 5″ monitors for less than 400 € is playing.”

“With the T5V from ADAM Audio you get a very successful near field monitor in all aspects.”

The complete review can be read in German here.