MusicTechreviews our Studio Pro SP-5 headphone

The ADAM Audio SP-5 headphone is reviewed by MusicTech

Andy Jones, writing for MusicTech, checks our first headphones, the Studio Pro SP-5, and comes to the following conclusion:

  • “The wide space is impressive and I was able to pinpoint very specific movement across the stereo image, while also enjoying a delightful and full response across the frequency spectrum.”
  • “First impressions sound-wise, compared to our reference headphones, were of accuracy – perhaps the kind of shocking flat experience you get from listening to decent monitors after a more coloured set (my cheaper reference headphones are perhaps a little too coloured, it seems).”
  • “After extended listening – and you can do extended listening with the lightweight, low-fatiguing S-Logic along with a good level of comfort – I realised it was accuracy I was getting.”

“What they do deliver is a rich mix experience and, in a sea of gimmicky releases this year, stand out as offering a straight-up and sensible experience – your mix laid bare for you to fix – which is all you need from great headphones.”

The complete review can be read here.